Quilty pictures from my retreat

I just got back from my spring quilt retreat. I thought I would share a few pictures of the projects I worked on.

First, I finished the quilting on Simon’s quilt. I didn’t take a picture of that one yet. I still need to add the binding. I’ll post a pic when I am completely finished with it.

Then, I made a quilt for Tim for when he will be in a hospital bed of his own. My friend and I stopped at an awesome quilt shop on the way to camp. Gruber’s has everything a quilter needs and more! I chose a blue and green batik jelly roll (for those of you that don’t know what that means: 40 – two and a half inch strips that all coordinate with each other.) Then I added a few extra brown batiks that I thought went well with the jelly roll. The guest quilter for the weekend offered this pattern for us to do. When I laid out just the blocks, I wasn’t so sure. But when I added the cream triangles, I started to like it. Then I put the borders on and now I’m in love!

After that was done, I pulled out a couple projects I am in the middle of. The barns are something I’ve been working on for a long time. I finally finished the 4″ inset blocks, so I assembled all the barns. I couldn’t finish the wall hanging though because I need more of the blue for sashing strips between the barns. I’ll have to go shopping again!

All Around the Neighborhood came with me too. I found the blue I needed to finish the sky on the last few blocks. After that, I laid it all out and put the neighborhood together! Now, I need to find a dark blue for the first border and then the sky blue from the blocks will be the outer border.

Overall, I had a wonderful retreat. A massage on Saturday morning was a real treat. It certainly helped my back that day. The people at Lake Beauty are a second family to me. They care for me every time I’m there. Thanks to all of them for making a short weekend such a wonderful haven of rest!

Enjoy the eye candy:

Tim's batiks quilt Barns wallhanging blocks All Around the Neighborhood

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