The right people, the right time

I am so thankful to God that He places the right people in our lives at just the right times. There have been several incidents of this lately.

Some time back, I tried to find a counselor/therapist for Simon. He has been getting fiestier and fiestier at home over the past several months. This really isn’t surprising considering what’s going on around here. Anyway, I tried a particular counselor with Simon. We went a total of three times. That was it – I couldn’t stand the thought of returning. <sigh> So that just sat for a while. A couple weeks ago, when Tim and I met with 3M Employee Assistance Program, we mentioned that we would like help finding a counselor for Simon and for our family. Rebecca, the most wonderful advocate for us, quickly got back to us with two names to followup with. A call to Maplewood Psychology set us up with a woman that will be doing play therapy with Simon once a week and we can go to her for family counseling whenever we are ready. I felt comfortable with her right away and I think it will be a good fit for Simon and for our family.

Another example of God’s perfect timing: For the past several weeks, Luke has been really struggling with staying on top of his responsibilities at school. It has come to a boiling point that is very unhealthy in our family. Also, Luke has been my sound man at Sparks on Wed nights so far this year because Tim had been going to the men’s Bible study. Tim’s study is done now and with his walker he is able to get around in the church better again. So I had suggested that Luke go to Junior High again. At first, I just planted the idea, not sure that Luke would want to. He ended last year very unhappy at Junior High. But, he decided he would try it again. How divinely timed that the topic they talked about last night was When God Says No. I think it was perfect that Luke was there for that topic. He loved the whole night and is very excited to go back next week.

On Sunday, our computer monitor didn’t just go on the fritz, it completely died – a quick and painless death on its part – a very tragic and unsure death on our part. We just don’t have the extra budget to replace a computer monitor on a whim. While we were trying to figure out exactly how to deal with it, Tim remembered that so-and-so at work had mentioned he had an extra monitor he didn’t know what to do with. So after a phone call to him, we were informed that – no, you must have the wrong so-and-so in mind. It wasn’t me. Rats! Now, with no leads to pursue, we were trying to resolve our minds around the fact that we would be looking at a big old clunky 17″ monitor until tax returns came back. A little while later, Tim’s so-and-so called back and had decided that he would replace our monitor for us. He had been wanting to do something to help Tim and hadn’t come up with anything. This was the perfect opportunity for him, so he took it. Now, we are looking at a gorgeous 20″ widescreen LCD screen. Thank you, Mark!!!

A continued thank you to the never-ending stream of people that give us rides to the places we need to go. I feel so indebted to so many. My seizures are better controlled now that I am on my old medicine, however, I am still having a seizure every few to several days. This is more annoying than ever. Just when I think I’m on a good roll, I’ll have to start counting all over again. Hopefully, the chauffeur service will end soon. Please keep lifting this need to God the Healer.

A quick update on Tim: He has become quite dependent on his walker. It is so good to see him more stable when walking, which he does a lot more of now with his walker. He has his foot braces, but is having a hard time getting used to them. He had them adjusted yesterday, so is now trying to spend more time in them. He ended up with a big blister (quarter-sized) on his foot from them yesterday. He didn’t even bother putting them on before going to work today. Hopefully, he can spend some time in them tonight, as they really do help keep his feet from dragging on the floor as bad. 

He is back to work full-time. I was so pleased to hear that one of his managers had pulled a couple projects off the shelf and dusted them off just for Tim. They are projects that require sitting at his desk – for example, one is to research patents in the area of adhesives and create a database of all that is out there. There were a couple others as well. It is just so reassuring to know that Tim’s managers care for him so much that they went out of their way to help accomodate this situation. This will surely allow Tim to stay at work longer. Some of these projects might potentially be done from home as well. Even better! Also, I just heard from Tim today that his promotion has gone through his manager, his Technical Director and is now in the hands of HR. It shouldn’t be there very long before it’s completely through. Praise God with me!!!

Tim continues to lose little things each week. The latest that I noticed was when he had to have Luke help him open a bag of chips. I don’t know if this will be the case with every bag of chips, but at least the one he was trying to open, he couldn’t get a good enough grip on to pull it open. It’s so hard to watch Tim try to walk around now. I just want to reach out and fix it. To reach my hand out and steady him, make it all go away. Selfishly, I want him whole again so that I don’t have to do everything myself. I miss him doing the dishes, helping with supper, shoveling the driveway. Whether from the disease process itself or because he is spending a lot of mental energy trying to wrap himself around what’s happening, he has pulled back from parenting some too. So I find myself doing a larger share of that now, too.

Well, that’s an update on the Filiatrault’s – kind of across the board. Thank you all for your prayers. They are much appreciated. And for those of you that are local, thank you for driving us, making meals for us, blessing us with so much. We have so much to be thankful for. God is faithful, abounding in love. He is holy, and He is our Provider. Praise His name with us.


2 thoughts on “The right people, the right time

  1. Dan called today and said that his computer monitor “blew up>” ~~ so we’ll tomorrow what to do about that. I also praise God how some things are working out (esp. Luke – what an answer to prayer). Tim will be doing as much as he can — and it is really great that he asks the boys to help him with these things. Maybe you can encourage Tim to still help with the parenting — maybe he feels left out. He still should be the father to the boys in discipline as well in ways that he can do ~~ even though it is different than before. Wrapping your and the boys minds around how things are Now is what will get you all through this.
    I do wish that Simon and all of you had counselors that we Christians – true believers and can counsel from the Bible, but if you truly feel that God is directing in all of this, then I will rejoice (and pray) with you.

  2. So much good news on one post. I am so thrilled to hear about Tim’s promotion and his good work situation. And all of the other praise items too. Thanks for sharing.

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