Cabins in the Pines

I’ve begun a new quilt. It’s a free pattern from the online fabshophop, where you collect bunnies from 170+ online stores. At random stores, you get to collect the pattern for one block of this quilt. After gathering them all, you can download the pattern for putting them all together into a really fun sampler. The name of the sampler is All Around the Neighborhood.

Here is the first set of blocks I’ve made. This block is called Cabin in the Pines. I must say, I was not too pleased with this block. Because the pines are paper-pieced, there were no issues with them. However, the cabin portion did not go together very well. The roof pieces have very mismatched seam allowances. After I had them mostly together, I got an email from fabshophop admitting to some cutting measurement errors. I’m assuming that had I re-cut and re-pieced them, they would have gone together much better. Oh, well. At least the rest of the blocks have the correct measurements now.


The Pines
The Cabins
Cabins in the Pines

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