My Triple Irish Chain

It’s done! It’s done! It’s finally done – and on my bed!

About 6 years ago, Tim and I purchased the fabric for me to make a Triple Irish Chain for our bed. I began the long and laborious work of strip piecing this quilt. We chose a reverse color palette, as we wanted a more intimate look in our room. So we went with black as the background and three darker shades of violet.

I pieced it together, added borders, and even a set-in diamond block in the corners. And then it sat on my UFO (Un- Finished Objects) pile for at least 2 years now – probably closer to three! Well, with the urgency of life that has been set down upon us, I realized that the urgency even stretched its icy fingers into my sewing room. It hit me that if I didn’t get this quilt done soon, Tim would not be able to enjoy it with me.

So I did something I have never done before: I took one of my quilts to a local professional quilter! I found a woman that works at Charlotte’s Quilting Web in Stillwater, MN. Her name is Arretta Eggleston, and her business is called Butterfly Quilting. I had priced out three different places. Arretta’s was in the middle of the range, but her timing was the fastest.

I was so nervous to hand over my heirloom baby to her – but I did. And I am so glad now! She did exactly what I had envisioned for this quilt. The design in the black centers is perfect. She repeated that design in the purple chains and in the border. She added a bit of her own touch that fits in perfectly with the quilt. I am so happy with it!

Enjoy a bit of eye candy:

Our triple Irish chain
Closeup of the quilting in the background blocks

4 thoughts on “My Triple Irish Chain

  1. It IS a small world after all. I have been in contact with Arretta for years through my work. We have never met but we have talked on the phone countless times and we correspond through email almost daily. I never knew that she had a second career as a quilter however, I called her on it today and sure enough she is one and the same. The quilt is beautiful-well done Barb!

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! I thought I’d say hi finally since I’m trying to figure out how to finish up a quilt of my own and wanted to tell you I love the one you just completed. I’m Carlone Alexander’s daughter, who is good friends with Tim’s parents. I’ve been stopping by to read your family’s journey. I used to do some work with the Carolinas chapter of the ALS Association, so I’ve seen first-hand what it is you’re going through. Even though I can’t possibly understand all you’re dealing with, please know that you’re in my family’s thoughts and prayers. The entire Filiatrault family is blessed with strong, amazing women!

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