Quilty update

Though our life is greatly centered on our ALS journey right now, I am still escaping into my sewing room a little bit. I have completely finished several quilts that I thought I would share.

The first two are baby quilts that I have already shipped back to Quilts for Kids, Inc. What a great organization. Quilters can request a kit (or two). They will ship precut strips of coordinating quilt shop fabric and a pattern sheet. Quilters make the quilt top, donate the batting, add the backing that came with the quilt and, voila, baby quilt! Then the quilter ships it back to Quilts for Kids, Inc and they donate it to various children’s hospitals.

Next, I had thought I would make an extra quilt to send back with the two kits I made. However, this one turned out so cute that I changed my mind. I’m keeping this one to either sell or give to some little one that I know around here. I used the same pattern as the Quilts for Kids kits. Then I used a princess panel for the backing. However, instead of quilting it like I would normally, I flipped it over and quilted it using the print on the panel as my quilting guide. So if you look really closely, you’ll see I outlined each princess, the castle, and the stairs. I even added a few of my own extras to make sure the quilt was sufficiently quilted. (Bidding starts at $50)

And, last, I have finished a quilt that I started quite some time ago. I have already blessed a very special little girl with this one. It is the first time I have ever seen this little girl speechless. It was wonderful to see the blessings that such a simple gift can bring. Sydney~ enjoy this quilt. That would bring blessings back to me.

Quilts for Kids 1 - karate theme
Quilts for Kids 2 - fairy theme
Disney princess quilt - front
Disney princess quilt - back
Disney princess quilt - closeup of quilting
Heart quilt

4 thoughts on “Quilty update

  1. I have my heart one set out to try and back and quilt too. Sitting on top of my UFO pile. The princess one is adorable. I used that same panel for a back of a quilt, the front having happy block princesses in it 🙂 You need some time for a mental break, glad quilting helps with that!

  2. Hey Barb,

    Based on your info about Quilt for Kids, I went ahead and ordered a kit from them… haven’t got it yet, but should be fun. Hope I can finish it in the 2 – 4 weeks they want it done in!

    What kind of sewing machine do you have for quilting?

    1. I didn’t send a single one back in on time! LOL No need to sweat over that one! I just have my regular sewing machine – it’s a Brother, computerized, but not a specialized quilting machine. Since these are baby quilts, it’s not that hard to quilt them on a regular machine.

      Have fun – and be sure to post pics of what you get. Their fabrics are always really fun!

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