The Big News…

Last night, Tim and I spent the evening in conversation with very few references to ALS. It was so wonderful. It felt like we were back to “normal”. We cuddled for a while and went to bed happy.

Now back to our new reality. I am asking anyone that reads this to start praying now. Tim and I are tentatively planning on talking to the boys this weekend about the big news of what ALS really means. I have received from the ALS Association a booklet called When Someone Special Has ALS. It is written for kids and tells them in kid language what ALS is and what the ramifications of the disease are. It addresses the death issue in one paragraph, but keeps the focus on how to LIVE with someone that has ALS. We are thinking that I will read the book with them on Sunday and then they will have a chance to ask me questions and then go be with Tim.

Please pray that we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit for God’s timing. All the boys, but Simon especially, need us to be honest with them. They can all sense that we haven’t told them everything. I’m tired of having whispered conversations with Tim. I’m ready for us all to be on the same page in this house. But I also want to make sure that I am following God’s plan for this journey. I don’t think it really matters when we tell them this news, it will devastate them no matter what.

Pray that as they hear this news, I can direct them to trusting God no matter what. He is bigger than this disease and He is in control. Pray that they can feel free to cry,  talk, and ask questions. Pray that we can get through this as a family and that our family will become closer than ever.


5 thoughts on “The Big News…

  1. Barb, as you know, I am praying and I have faith that the boys will understand and that God will use this time to draw you all closer, not only to Him but to each other as well. My illness is of course no comparison to what Tim is having to endure but I was very worried about talking to Bret and didn’t know how to proceed. I too prayed for guidance and in the end, the conversation and subsequent talks between Bret and myself actually lifted a great cloud. As you said, there were no more whispered comments and Bret was no longer left in the dark, knowing something was wrong but not knowing what. As a matter of fact, I’ve talked to Bret about your family and what you are going through and he and I have been praying together each day for you, Tim, and the boys.

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