Homemade candles

In our house, almost nothing is off-limits when it comes to learning. Simon’s latest area of intrigue has been candles. He is learning all about them – how to light them, blowing them out, capturing their smoke in his potion jar. You name it, he wants to learn about it, including making a candle.

After doing a Google search for how to make candles, he figured he had learned enough, so he disappeared into the basement for a while. After too much quiet, I called down and asked him what he was doing.

“Making a candle.”

“From what?”

So he proceeds to bring his homemade candle upstairs to show it off, and to light it, of course. He had taken a small water bottle and cut off the top. Leaving the cap on, he turned the top upside down and filled it in with Pla-Dough. Then he stuck a toothpick in the middle for the wick.

We let him know that it probably wouldn’t burn very well, as it’s the wax that helps keep the wick burning and PlayDough probably wouldn’t work very well as wax.

After pondering that for a little while, we see Simon near his homemade candle – adding his own earwax to it!

Simon's playdough candle

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