Patriotic Quilt top finished

I have finished a quilt top – Yeah!! It turned out just beautiful. It is made up of “Happy Blocks” made by several friends around the country. The centers are mine, the borders of the blocks are theirs. Thank you so much, Rose, Ronda, Rhonda, and whoever else participated in this happy exchange.

I had the material for the white sashing, blue posts and red border on hand, so this was a very economical quilt!

I have a couple different ideas about where this quilt may end up. One of my favorite charities is Quilts of Valor Foundation (  They distribute quilts to returning soldiers from the war. I have donated several quilts there. This one might end up there, but I may do something very surprising with this one, so I have to keep it a secret for now.

Patriotic Happies Quilt

4 thoughts on “Patriotic Quilt top finished

  1. Beautiful job, Barb! My husband thinks it takes weeks for me to sew a button on when it comes off — I put it off as long as I can because I really do not like to sew. So I really admire all the beautiful work you do.

  2. Barb it turned out so beautiful….I think the Patriotic happies need to be an annual event. I am proud to see my work in your beautiful quilt and cannot wait to see what your surprise may be =)


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