Recovering from the crud…

After eating mostly (90%) gluten free for a week, I made the massive mistake of eating noodles and beef stroganoff in gravy last night. My gut was not happy with me!  All night long! I slept just half the night and woke up miserable. I will not make that mistake again!

On top of that, my dance with this season’s cold has come to a climax. The sinus pressure headache has successfully invited the chest congestion to join us. Sudafed, where are you?? OJ, here I come!

Yet, the life of home schooling doesn’t stop just because Mom is feeling under the weather. Micah and Simon still had lessons that had to be taught and overseen. Way to go Micah – you are finally getting closer to caught up! And Simon finally participated in his online classroom. Awesome!

Now, it’s time to head to my sewing room, finish assembling my r-w-b quilt, listen to my audio book and eat a few peanut butter M&M’s to boot!


One thought on “Recovering from the crud…

  1. I have not had Stroganoff for a long time, it sounds like a wondeful winter meal, I am so sorry that the after effects had to ruin it.
    Those colds are the worst! The good thing is that you may have gotten yours done for the winter now. It is a good idea to eat some of those peanut butter M&M’s that you were talking about, that will make you feel better, chocolate always does us girls good!
    I am sorry that we could not help with driving this weekend but I am sure that there will be more opportunities. Your family continues to be in our prayers! See you soon.

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