A Single Stitch

If you’ve been reading my blog over the past weeks, you’ll know I’ve been working through Beth Moore’s A Woman’s Heart. Today’s study is another treasure trove of wonderful information and inspiration. Here is a thought from today’s study that I want to chronicle in my own way:

God has not missed a single stitch or left a stone unturned on your behalf; furthermore, His activity in the details of your life most often displays His glory and beauty.

Do you avoid sharing the details of your life with God? Do you avoid asking certain things of Him because they seem too trivial? Intimate relationships are defined by the intimate experiences shared. Look for Him in the details!

I have just finished reading a book called The Gifts of the Jews by Thomas Cahill. It is a very interesting read. It is a (non-Christian, I think) commentary of most of the Old Testament through political, social, and historical worldview eyes. It’s very “big-picture” so it obviously doesn’t go into a lot of detail. In his summary, Cahill is looking for the impact that the Jewish people had on the world around themselves. His conclusion is that one of the “gifts of the Jews” to the people of the world, including us today, is the thought of the individual person.

Before Abraham and Sarah, the world in general did not recognize the “I” that we do today. Everything was predictable, everything was cyclical – the seasons, the stars, etc. But Abraham listened to the voice of God and thus began the idea that things can change, our futures are unknown, not everything follows such a predictable routine, and things happen differently to each individual. As the Jewish race and religion continued to develop, God became more and more intimately involved in the people’s lives, collectively and individually.

Taking it one step further than Cahill’s book, I would say that when Christ came, it was the ultimate in God wanting intimate relationship with His people. Not only did He want us to meet with Him, He wanted to be among us. He didn’t want to miss a single stroke of our life experience. Which brings me back to Beth Moore’s study.

I think of what God has brought to me in the past month. I have poured out more details to Him in the past month than I thought possible. And yet, at every turn, He has stilled my maniacal heart and brought His peace to me. Philippians 4:7 – His peace, that passes all understanding, is guarding my heart and my mind. God has been active in every detail of my life and I am more than anxious to glorify God in the midst of it all. I love how He cares for the tiniest details.

Really, is a Packers game that truly important to the smooth running of the universe? No – but it sure is to Tim and me. Does it make one bit of difference to all the galaxies of stars if my family gets together for Christmas? Nope, but it makes an enormous impact on the four or five of us that celebrate together. How much does the world care if someone from our church comes to clear out fallen trees in my backyard? Not one bit – but it sure has made our lives easier. These are just three of the many details I could point out that have happened in the past few weeks.

Our God is truly amazing in the way that He cares for me as uniquely as He made me. I love Him so much, and knowing that He is the one stitching my life together and making a beautiful work of art of me makes it all the sweeter.


One thought on “A Single Stitch

  1. You should relate these “jewels” you are learning as you read, pray, and walk with God to your boys. They should be ready to understand that without God we are nothing.

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