Lessons in being blessed

As my life has taken a new turn, I have been stuck in the miry depths of the “What happens now?” But as I have been in my own little fog, God has taken this time as a new opportunity to teach me about blessings.

I am working my way through Beth Moore’s study A Woman’s Heart. It is a study of the period of time in Israel’s history when they worshipped God in the tabernacle. I have learned so much already, but this week has been a revelation to me of the importance of accepting God’s blessings. Aaron and the Levites were called by God to be his priests and servants of the priests. They did not have an inheritance of land as did all the other tribes. They were to rely on God for their provisions. In fact, God charged all the other tribes with the task of providing for the Levites. The offerings they brought to the tabernacle became the food for the priests. When the Israelites held celebrations, they were to invite the local Levites to join them. Two thoughts from Beth’s study have popped out at me this week:

“A few weary saints in your church might need to know that their service is not going unnoticed by God or by you.”

In just the past 6 days, the Filiatrault family has received two amazing gifts. Micah and I went to the Toby Mac concert on Saturday night. We did not have tickets on Friday! Someone in our church had purchased tickets and then decided not to go, so they gave them to the church to find new owners. I called and asked about them. Less than 24 hours later, two lower level tickets were in my hand and we were on the Students’ bus ambling toward the Target Center. I am so grateful to that family for making a first-time concert event so memorable for Micah.

And the other gift is even more special to me. For about 5 years now, I’ve wanted to get this for Tim. With the uncertainty of our future days, it has been pressed into high priority. I mentioned it to a couple people at church and they started working on this for me. Now, we have two tickets to the Packers-Vikings game on Sunday at the Metrodome!!! I am deeply grateful, humbled, and honored to have so many people working on this for me.

I am that weary saint at Rockpoint Church, and I know now that my service has not gone unnoticed by God or by the wonderful people at Rockpoint. Thank you so much for the gifts you have given to my family.

But what I am learning is that it’s not even all about the blessings for me. It is also about allowing God to bless others. This thing called life is a team effort. That’s what today’s study was about. So here’s my second quote:

“God has chosen that our victories are sweetest when shared. You are a gift to the body of Christ. The body of Christ is a gift to you.”

When Moses held his hands up over Joshua fighting the Amalekites (see Exodus 17:8-16), he was watching his own men in the fray of battle. That could not have been easy to watch. It was war. Aaron and Hur were there to help hold Moses’ hands up. They also must have been heartbroken to watch their tribesmen fighting for their lives. Yet, it was their assistance, their willingness to put themselves in a very heartbreaking situation, that made the victory possible. Tim and I are in a battle. He is fighting on the battlefield and I feel like I am Moses, just trying to spur him on. But I will need others to come alongside me and hold me up. I will need people willing to have their hearts break in the process of helping me. In the end, there will be victory. And it will be sweeter as I share it with others.

I have already had a taste of others holding me up. Not only everyone that has come over in the past week and a half. I have drunk deeply from their wells of life. But, just last night, I experienced being held up in a different way. At church, an older woman stopped me while I was doing my Sparks work. She asked if she could share something with me. I stopped and was wondering what this could be. She pulled out her Bible and said she had a word to share. She opened her Bible to Psalm 41. I almost started crying – I have been hanging on to Psalms 40 and 41 for the past two weeks now! She has written “Tim and Barb Filiatrault, 11-16-10” in her Bible and has been praying Psalm 41 over us every day now. Her faithfulness and obedience to God in pulling me aside and sharing with me was a blessing to both of us. She was confirmed in what God has been leading her to pray. I stood amazed at God’s workings, at how many people have been praying for us, and at how seriously they are interceding for us. Truly God will be victorious!

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10  “Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to lift him up.”

God’s blessings come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, they take the form of free concert tickets or tickets to a football game, sometimes it is time spent with a friend that needs to talk, maybe it’s in sharing a Bible verse with someone, or in letting them know you’ve been praying for them. Sometimes, it will be delivering a meal or providing childcare, or transportation to a dr appointment. No matter what God’s blessing is, it will bless both the person receiving it and the person giving it. And on top of all that, God will be honored, praised and glorified in the whole process. God’s Kingdom is victorious throughout!


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