Fall Quilt Retreat 2010

Quilt retreat this fall was about more than just quilting. However, the quilting part of it was very rewarding in itself. I took about 9 projects with me (it might have been more). I worked on 6 of them. Wow!

On Friday night, my first project has been in the works for a very long time, but I have now finally finished the quilt top for my friend, Kathy. This design came patch by patch from an heirloom prayer stole in her family. The prayer stole is a counted cross stitch piece. I transcribed the design onto grid paper and turned each stitch into a 2″ square. Kathy chose the fabrics from my stash. I am quite excited to see her reaction to the quilt top when she stops by tomorrow.

Kathy's prayer stole quilt

Next on the list was pillowcases for the boys for Christmas. Since they haven’t received them yet, I am choosing to not share pics of them. Luke will be getting pillowcases to match his shark quilt, Micah gets Vikings/football, and Simon gets sports involving balls. They all turned out really cute and will be great Christmas eve presents before watching our annual Christmas movie.

Then, I worked on Simon’s Angry Eyes pillow. We are going to have him try using this pillow to help him cope with and control his angry outbursts. This technique has worked very well with Micah and so we are going to have Simon give it a go. Tonight we will go to Joann’s to get the pillow insert and see what happens tomorrow.

Angry eyes pillow

After a restless night’s sleep, Saturday was a new day to work on many more projects. First up: My barn wall hanging. This is also an ongoing project. It is a block of the month project from the website The Golden Thimble. All blocks are pieced barns with a 4″ paper pieced traditional quilt block insert into the hayloft window. I already had 3 of the 4″ blocks done, with 6 to go. I quickly (as quickly as you can when pieces are just 1/2″ big) finished the next 4 paper pieced blocks. The last two are applique. I hadn’t brought any fusible webbing, however, Laura to the rescue! Regrettably, her webbing wasn’t working for me. This is a project that I want to enjoy from start to finish and I wasn’t very happy anymore – so I put it down to work on at home. I’ll get back to it in a week or two when I will be happier to tackle it to the end. Here are the four blocks that I did complete at retreat:

4" block for barn wallhanging
4" Pineapple block
4" Cross and Crowns block
Block #7 for barn wallhanging

Next on the list, tackling the charm pack my friend Rose sent me. She sent charms to a bunch of us on our Yahoo quilting group and issued a challenge: make a tote or table runner with the charms and submit a picture to be put up to the vote by everyone on the group. The winner will get some unknown prize. All the charm packs were Moda fabric lines. To be honest, I wasn’t particularly thrilled by the fabrics I got (not my colors, not my prints), however, the pattern I chose is really more all about overall look than by individual fabrics. I can’t post the pic of the tote yet, as our group hasn’t voted yet, but as soon as the challenge winner has been declared, I’ll post a pic of it then.

And, last, I chose to work on a pattern that I have had set aside for quite a while, always wanting to work on it, never getting it out to do anything with. The pattern is called How Sweet It Is. The blocks look like little hard candies. The ends of the candy wrapper are three-dimensional, meaning they stick out from the quilt. It will be perfect for a little one who really likes the tags on a quilt. It is just the cutest thing! I have all the candy blocks done and will now start setting them in together into the quilt. Enjoy this literal “eye candy”!

How Sweet It Is candy blocks

So, another quilt retreat is over. Thank you, Lake Beauty, for hosting this fabulous weekend. I could never have gotten that much done at home over a weekend!


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