Overwhelmed by God’s love

As I ponder the uncertainty of what’s happening with Tim’s leg, I am reassured that no matter what happens, God loves us and He shows his love through His church body. This morning at church, I spoke with several people, all of whom wanted to know how things are going. Two men that I spoke to had to wipe tears from their eyes as they asked me how things are going. I know now how deeply God loves us. He even has a firefighter captain wiping tears from his eyes for us! I am overwhelmed by God’s love for us.

I will be working on getting an appointment for Tim this week. Tim talked with someone from the U of M neurology dept, but that person said the earliest appointment would be in August 2011!! Not acceptable. He has also been playing phone tag with someone at HCMC (Hennepin County Medical Center). They haven’t even connected to find out when an appointment is available.  I think most of Tim’s records have been sent to both places, we just need to get them in the right departments and have someone look them over. I’m hoping a couple well placed calls on my part will get us an appointment that is still in the year 2010!

For those of you that are praying for us (and I have discovered that the number of you would qualify for the word “many”) first of all – thank you. I am humbled before God that so many people are out there praying for us and offering help of any kind. We are not deserving of your kindness – thank you so much!

Next, please pray that I can get an appointment quickly. Pray that when we do get an appointment, the doctors we get will have a deep desire to figure out what this is and how to deal with it. Pray that it is reversable and that Tim will be able to rehab back to “normal”. Pray that I can communicate with the boys clearly and openly and that they will feel free to talk to Tim or me whenever they feel they need to. Pray that we can keep some kind of normalcy in this house for them.

Again, thank you so much for your prayers and cares. We truly appreciate each one of you.


One thought on “Overwhelmed by God’s love

  1. Barb,

    Sometimes it is just so hard to count it all as joy, isn’t it? Trials in this life just seem to keep coming, like labor pains. I am praying for you. Thank you for letting me know what to pray for. We are blessed with a great church family and with a God that hears our prayers. I will add patience to that prayer request also! Love you, Linda

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