Update on Tim

We had Tim’s dr appt today. After waiting for almost 45 minutes in the waiting room, he was taken back to the EMG room and proceeded to wait another 20 minutes. They did the EMG only on his arms, as it had not been a long enough wait since they did the EMG on his legs. It would not have been long enough between testings to show how much deterioration there has been.

The long and short of it is that the EMG wasn’t designed to diagnose what is going on with Tim. So, we still don’t have a diagnosis. Dr. Hungs mentioned that in some ways, the test results fall in line with ALS, but he isn’t presenting in the right way to match up with an ALS diagnosis. (Whew.)

We are now being given a green light to get a second opinion. Dr. Hungs has given us contact information for Hennepin County Medical Center. They have a neuromuscular unit that Dr. Hungs says is really good. He also mentioned the University of MN. Interestingly, he has never mentioned Mayo. We’re not sure what to think about that.

So the bottom line is that this appt ended up about where we figured it would. Another test – no results. Please keep praying that our next choice would reap the results we need. That whoever we see next will be able to find a diagnosis and a path to restoration.


2 thoughts on “Update on Tim

  1. I’m guessing this is your blog. And now I was able to read the rest of your EMG and potential next options. Keep looking for help and the answers.

  2. I pray with all of my heart that Tim does NOT have ALS. Erv Walker had this, and was much older than Tim. I pray, pray, pray that God will lead you to the right Dr., the right facility, and that GOD alone can give wisdom to this person(s) to do the right testing(s) to give an exact diagnosis so that Tim can get the help he needs. I KNOW God is in control and that HE alone can do all things — NOTHING is impossible with HIM. Romans 8:28 is a hard verse to lean on as a promise from God but HE gave it to us for a purpose. I pray that HE will reveal what HIS purpose is and that we can still praise HIM for whatever comes our way. The verse says that He works all things for good TO THOSE THAT TRUST HIM AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE. (or something like that as I don’t have my Bible opened to the verse.)

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