Let’s go fly a kite…

…up to the highest heights!

Today was a beautiful Friday! Got a bit of housework done this morning – though now that I have routines built in to my every day, my kitchen looks so much better. I still have a little ways to go – I have a couple hot spots that just never seem to stop burning! But, overall, my kitchen looks much better and is so much more useable! I love Flylady!

School with Micah and Simon is starting as it usually does – rocky. They each have their own version of not focusing, and it’s from one extreme to the other. Micah is Mr. Space Cadet. Always paying attention to everything except his school work. He can never seem to force himself to really zone in on his work. Simon, on the other hand, is paying attention to everything and his school work. He is processing everything all at the same time. When, however, he finally does zone in on his school work, then he does pretty good. Everyone is ready for school at this house, they just don’t show it. I don’t know how schoolteachers do this when they have 25-30 kids all trying to get back into the routine of school.

After lunch, Luke was really impatient to get his screen time in, but since Micah and Simon are grounded from screen time, it was getting a little tricky. Micah is currently consuming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, so it was really easy to send him upstairs to read. That left Simon. Without something productive to do, this child is in constant trouble! So I set him up in the sandbox. At first, I sewed in my quilting room, which is right next to the sandbox. I just opened my window and we chatted while he played and I sewed. But he really sounded like he wanted my presence to be a little closer. So I brought my lawn chair out to where he was and read a book nearby. Well, then I started thinking about how much fun he was having and decided to join him. We built a couple sand castles together. It was so much fun to just be with him in his world. I wasn’t yelling at him, he wasn’t getting in trouble. I was quite satisfied.

Then he asked if we could go fly a kite (it’s been windy all day today). I told him we didn’t have one. He asked if we could make one. I said sure. So he gathered up a couple sticks from in the woods, we chose fabric from my stash and together we built ourselves a kite. He must be turning into a real man, too, because the first words out of his mouth after he brought me the sticks were, “I’ll go get the Duct tape!”

Because of other things happening this evening, we didn’t get a chance to go fly the kite, but I sure hope we have some time tomorrow afternoon and I hope it’s still this windy. I really want to see if we made a flight-worthy kite!

This evening we started to really clean out the basement of all the cluttered junk and old school stuff we don’t need anymore. But we only spent an hour working tonight. It’s a huge project and I don’t want to get overwhelmed by it. So just a bit tonight and a bit more tomorrow. If we just do a bit at a time, it will get done.

Simon's first homemade kite

One thought on “Let’s go fly a kite…

  1. Simon ~~~~ NICE KITE!!! I hope you can fly it tomorrow or when it is windy again.
    Are you and your family going to the State Fair this year? This weekend is suppose to be hot again here.
    Love to you all.

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