More Quilts for Kids

As I have previously posted about, Quilts for Kids is a great organization that provides quilts for kids in the hospital. What is really neat about this is that they send out pre-cut kits for quilters to make and send back in. They suggest that the quilters dig into their stash to send an extra back with the kit they received. I have now done 6 of their kits and have sent a total of 8 finished quilts back to them. Two of their kits are still sitting on my table waiting to be quilted and this time I have dug into my stash to make a girlie quilt if ever there was one! How about Disney princesses?

Here is the front: I have been accumulating princess fabrics for a while and now I found the perfect use for them!  I fussy cut the alternate blocks so that there is either one of the princesses or the word “Princess” in each one. I had the perfect pink and purple fabrics to make the four patches – the pink has hearts all over it and the purple is glittery.

Princesses - front

The back: I had a wonderful panel that has all the princesses coming down the castle stairs. The panel wasn’t quite big enough on its own, so I added some of the purple glittery from the four-patches as a border. Now the trick will be to get the front centered just right over the back!

Princesses - back

I am so close to being done with the curtains for Lake Beauty – just four left to sew and then ironing all of them. I’ll post that as soon as I’m done!

The un-sewing of Kathy’s quilt has begun. I hope that I will be able to keep everything organized so that I know which blocks are which as I un-sew and re- sew all these blocks to put a better fabric in place.


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