Midnight Serenade

OK – I am really ready to be done with storm season. I have lost count how many nights we have had our little one come join us in bed because of a storm. He is truly terrified of storms. Yesterday it was so bad that at 9:00 AM he asked me if there would be a storm that night! Well, last night, again, we had a storm in the middle of the night. When God designed storms to come in the middle of the night, I think it was His way of reminding us of those sleepless nights when our kids were just infants. Really, I’d rather forget!

Last night, Simon crawled in with us around midnight, and he had no intention of getting back out. He made himself completely comfortable between Tim and I and he went into deep sleep. He didn’t hear any of the rest of the storm that I could make out. I did my best to go back to sleep on the 6 inches of bed I had left. About 4:00 am, there was the loudest crack of thunder I have ever heard. I bolted upright in bed. Just as I tried to get my heartrate back to normal I started hearing music playing “Happy Birthday to You”. I started searching all over the bedroom, because I couldn’t figure out for the life of me where it was coming from. Soon enough, the music ended and I crawled back into bed. Then it dawned on me that the music had come from a gift bag in the closet. Now, I’ve heard of lightning causing all kinds of different damage to a house, but I’ve never heard of lightning or thunder causing your gift bags to start singing.

Maybe I’m just too tired to think rationally anymore. It’s almost like I’m sleep deprived, like I was when we had newborns in the house…


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