Heroes Stand for Truth

The last night of Rockpoint Summer Splash has come and gone – and I am still amazed at how peaceful my week has been! There were no discipline problems in the craft hall at all. All the kids loved the crafts and were totally engaged all week long.

The last theme for Hero Headquarters is Heroes Stand for Truth. The story of Paul’s nephew standing up and speaking truth, thereby saving Paul’s life, is one that brought thoughts of family to mind. Combining that with the letters to soldiers and thinking of who our heroes are, the craft was to paint a picture frame for the kids to put a picture of their heroes in.

The frames were purchased from Oriental Trading Company for a very reasonable price. Based on some reviews from other customers, we primed the frames beforehand so that the paint coverage would be better. We used tempera paints, which dry quite quickly. The variety of designs painted was beautiful.

A rainbow of hero frames
hero frame
hero frame - spatter painted

I was quite surprised last night. As I was welcoming the second group of kids to the craft room, one little boy was at the front of the line, so excited to see me. He was holding something that looked quite intriguing. He wanted to show me his creation. He had taken all the pieces from his fish mobile, unstrung them, and re-created something new with them. He named it the JC-25 (for Jesus Christ, of course). What an amazing sense of ingenuity and creativity!

JC-25 The Fish Flyer
Parker with the JC-25

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