Heroes Do the Unexpected

The first night of Summer Splash (otherwise known as VBS) went so smoothly, I was unsure if it was really the first night!! We had 97 kids attend and they were all super well-behaved. There are 20 small groups that have up to 10 kids per group, though most have 6-8 kids. The groups are a combination of 1-2 grade, 2-3 grade, 3-4 grade or 4-5 grade. It has worked so nicely to do that. Kids can be with a friend even if that friend is a grade above or below them.

Hero Headquarters – Where Kids Join Forces with God. What a great theme! All the volunteers get to wear a cape – color coordinated for either preschool or elementary. The underlying message of this VBS is that even unnamed people can be a powerful force for God. All the Bible stories focus on an unnamed person in the Bible, most are young people.

Last night’s bottom line was Heroes Do the Unexpected. The story of Namaan’s servant girl is a profound lesson in how we should help others, even when we don’t want to. She was stolen into slavery, forced to work for Namaan, and still she spoke up to lead Namaan to recover from leprosy. She certainly didn’t have to and it was definitely unexpected for her to. This girl was never named in the Bible, yet her story provides life lessons for us all.

Since our Bible story was about a servant girl, the craft centered around that idea. The kids chose a ceramic plate (either round or square) and painted whatever they wanted on it. We used acrylic paints that will hopefully stick well to the ceramic. Parents will be responsible for clear coating the plates to seal the paint on well. I will be using a triple thick clear coat on Micah’s and Simon’s. Here is Micah’s (Simon’s is still at church drying):

This is really quite an easy and inexpensive craft. The plates came from the Dollar Store and are really nice plates. The acrylic paint is a bit more expensive, but if you are only buying a small amount, it is reasonable. And the clear coat spray is something you probably have on hand already if you do much crafting at all.


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