Not this way…this instead

Today is Anti-Procrastination Day! For me that means stop putting off sitting down to the financials of my household. Stop putting off cleaning up that last pile of clutter in the living room. Stop groaning when I see the last batch of curtains waiting to be made. No more walking past the dishes that are stacking up. Well, I guess I’ve just made my to-do list for the day! No more waiting – JUST DO IT!

Well, now that the day is close to done, how did I do? I worked on the financials, I did a huge stack of dishes (though there is still a bunch of pots and pans left – aarrgghh) and I did a whole bunch of other stuff, including cleaning off the one kitchen counter, touring a school (which I’ll talk about in a bit), prepping Happy centers for my QNM2 friends, sending out an anniversary card to some friends, and helping clean up the back yard and garage from some serious entropy caused by the boys. Curtains and last clutter pile are still awaiting their fair share of my attention.

But the big thing for today is the school decision has somewhat been made for us. I looked at School A’s website this morning and I called them as well. I was very kindly informed that their open enrollment has been closed for 7th grade for this fall. We also went back and took a second tour of School B this afternoon. Luke has gotten re-excited to go there this fall. He knows that he will be able to be on a Lego team again. And he also found out today that he could help run the Audio and Lights for the school dramas. He already has experience doing this at church, so he would be a welcome addition to the A/V team at school. His eyes really lit up when the tour guide was impressed that he has so much experience for as young as he is. I was also reassured that their teachers push their students to the best of their abilities. (This was not our experience at his last school!) I guess God gives us answers in many different ways and sometimes a “No” from Him just means “Not this way – this instead.” I feel much more at peace today. Who knows how we will feel with Micah and Simon. Thankfully, I have a while before needing to look at this for them.


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