Train up a child?

I confess, the proverb “Train up a child in the way he should go” has always sounded so idealistic to me. Personally, I’m not much of an idealist. I prefer to live within the bounds of reality. Now as a parent of three boys that tend to like their own way of going far more than mine, I am really feeling like I am ramming my head against a brick wall — on a daily basis!

Having worked in children’s ministry now for, oh, more years than I care to admit, LOL, I have always enjoyed telling Bible stories to kids. The stories of David and Goliath, Jonah and the big fish, King David, all of Jesus’ stories are so fun in the retelling. Yet, now that my kids are in the tween age grouping, I struggle to find a new way to apply these stories to my kids in a way that they will sit up and take notice. They have heard these stories so many times already. My oldest used that exact line as a reason why he should be exempt from going to Junior High at church now.

I think I’m beginning to realize that “to train up a child” is more than just stuffing the same stuff at my kids in the same old way. It’s time to find new and exciting, yet applicable and relevant ways to make that old Proverb still work in our house. Maybe I need to think of training myself in new ways of communicating the age-old truths to my kids so that they hear them anew.

The first thing I realize as I think about this is that I need help from every corner. So, I reach out to anyone that happens to read this – Anyone have anything that might be a good resource? Websites, magazines, books, specific Bible passages to focus on. You name it – if it helped you, I’m game to look at it!


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