Occasionally, Simon will come up with his own version of life. OK, so it’s more often than occasionally, but I can’t remember all of them long enough to write them down. So here’s what I’m going to do. I will start to post Simon-isms as soon as he says them and hopefully that way I’ll have some record of them later on in life when I really want to embarrass him in front of his girlfriend/fiance/wife!

Last night, we were visiting a neighbor who has a wonderful assortment of flowers in front of her house. He was near some daffodils and asked me, “Mom, if I get really close to them to sniff them, will they squirt water at me?” The influence of cartoons at work!

This morning, in the middle of preparing his breakfast, he stops, looks at me, grabs the fly of his pajamas, and declares, “I know why they made the hole in my pajamas.” I thought it’s about time he figures this out! Then, he adds, “It’s to put stuff in!” And he promptly puts his latest little find (a small measuring tape) through the hole and drops it. Gravity at work pulls the measuring tape to the floor. His engineering mind works to solve this problem and adds, “I just need a pocket in there. Mom will you make me a pocket?”


3 thoughts on “Simon-isms

  1. LOVE it! šŸ™‚ Is Simon your “Larry” child? Please remind me how old he is. Certainly your life will never be dull!

  2. Only the Best Mom would think to record their Simonisms for future retaliation! I wish I had. This is a great thing and I can’t wait to read more!

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