Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog entry! I hope to make this a regular thing – blogging some things that happen in my life, the thoughts I have about them and what it all means in the end.

With that, today was a rainy day – most of the day. Micah had baseball practice this morning, and while he was there, the rest of us took the opportunity to go to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market. It was a bit cool, but wow it was filled with all the colors and smells you can imagine at a fresh food market. We came home with a beautiful pan of strawberries (Yum!!), some baby green onions, radishes and fresh peas. I also picked up some flowers to plant in front of the porch and our two cherry tomato plants. I planted those right away, just in time for the all day drizzle.

After an early afternoon nap and grocery shopping, I was able to get into the sewing room for a while. My current project is to make curtains for all the windows in a dormitory-style building at Lake Beauty Bible Camp. That’s a total of 22 windows, for 44 curtains. I am making a tab-top style curtain, using neutral print panels and solid brown or green for the contrast top and bottom borders. No one reminded me of how much time it takes to make a really nice curtain before I volunteered! I have already put many hours into this project, and I have only just begun. I will continue to post how far I am as I continue to blog.

After finishing one step of the curtain project, I decided to play on one of my own projects. I made one 4-inch paper pieced block for my barns wall hanging. I am working one month at a time on The Golden Thimble’s barn block of the month. I was so happy to finish this tiny block and then I opened my last seam to gaze at my work, only to find that a small piece of fabric had folded in on itself as I was sewing it. Argh! It’s VERY hard to unsew a seam that has been stitched at 0.8 mm stitch length! Alas, I had to put it down for now.

4" paper pieced churn dash

Off to Grad Party #1 for 2010. Jessica Roque’s Grad Fiesta would have been a bit cheerier if the sun had been shining. But Jessica herself was radiant. What a beautiful young woman! Congratulations, Jessica.

Back at home, I fixed the Churn Dash block and then I decided to sneak in one more paper pieced block for the barns while the boys took their baths. This block is called Crosses and Losses. This time, there were no sewing messups. It turned out perfect on the first try. I can’t wait to see all of the blocks in the barns put together and on my living room wall!

4" paper pieced crosses and losses

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. 4″ paper-pieced blocks??? My, you are a brute for punishment, as my mother used to say. 🙂 I’ve done only one pp project – turtle blocks for a baby quilt – and thought I would lose my mind.

    I so admire your skills, your projects, your insights, and your faith. Thank you for posting information on your blog. I’ll check on you again.

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